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Stamfordham Parish Council

Stamfordham Communicator

The monthly newsletter of Stamfordham Parish 

Copies of Stamfordham Communicator are available in PDF format from the links below:


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
259 February 2024_v_final32521.pdf31 January 20244.86MB
260 March 2024 v_final 4.pdf01 March 20245.56MB
261 April 2024_v_final 1.pdf03 April 20244.56MB
262 May 2024_v_final.pdf30 April 20244.75MB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
246 January 2023_FINAL 2.pdf29 December 20222.62MB
247 February 2023_FINAL17359.pdf31 January 20233.75MB
248 March 2023_v_FINAL18219.pdf28 February 20234.88MB
249 April 2023_v_final19158.pdf30 March 20233.59MB
250 May 2023_v_final.pdf29 April 20234.29MB
251 June 2023_v_final.pdf01 June 20233.36MB
252 July 2023_v_final 2.pdf30 June 20235.22MB
253 August 2023_v_final.pdf23 August 20234.41MB
254 September 2023_v_final2.pdf31 August 20235.65MB
255 October 2023_v_FINAL.pdf29 September 20236.52MB
256 November 2023_v_final 1.pdf31 October 20235.18MB
257 December 2023_v_final 3.pdf29 November 20236MB
Stamfordham Communicator September Edition Amendments.docx31 August 202313kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
234 January 2022 Version 3.pdf29 December 20213.6MB
235 February 2022.pdf01 February 20223.21MB
236 March 2022.pdf01 March 20224.43MB
237 April 2022.pdf31 March 20226.03MB
238 May 2022.pdf30 April 20224.25MB
239 June 2022_FINAL2.pdf31 May 20224.49MB
241 August 2022_v_FINAL.pdf29 July 20223.63MB
242 September_FINAL.pdf31 August 20225.27MB
243 October_v_FINAL13070.pdf29 September 20223.62MB
244 November_FINAL.pdf01 November 20222.93MB
245 December_FINAL 1.pdf30 November 20224.14MB
Stamfordham Communicator 240 July 2022.pdf29 June 20227.11MB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
222 January 2021.pdf01 January 20212.39MB
223 February 2021.pdf02 February 20212.87MB
224 March 2021.pdf01 March 20213.67MB
225 April 2021.pdf01 April 20212.42MB
226 May 2021.pdf30 April 20212.68MB
227 June 2021.pdf01 June 20212.83MB
228 July 2021.pdf01 December 20212.95MB
229 August 2021.pdf31 July 20212.81MB
230 September 2021.pdf27 August 20215.67MB
231 October 2021.pdf01 October 20214.4MB
232 November 2021.pdf30 October 20214.14MB
233 December 2021.pdf01 December 20215.27MB
234 January 2022 Version 3.pdf29 December 20213.6MB
covid 19_sms_and_text_message_scams1_3.pdf02 February 2021928kB
notification beware paypal phishing texts state your account.pdf02 February 2021389kB
notification covid19 sms test message scams1_3.pdf02 February 2021352kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
01 January 2020.pdf17 July 20202.32MB
02 February 2020.pdf17 July 20203.64MB
03 March 2020.pdf17 July 20203.57MB
04 April 2020.pdf17 July 20201.96MB
05 May 2020.pdf17 July 20201.65MB
06 June 2020.pdf17 July 20202.43MB
07 July 2020.pdf17 July 20202.36MB
219 October 2020.pdf01 October 20208.72MB
220 November 2020.pdf10 November 20202.17MB
221 December 2020.pdf10 December 20203.34MB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
01 January 2019.pdf17 July 20202.24MB
02 February 2019.pdf17 July 20204.63MB
03 March 2019.pdf17 July 20202.61MB
04 April 2019.pdf17 July 20202.61MB
05 May 2019.pdf17 July 20202.36MB
06 June 2019.pdf17 July 20202.48MB
07 July 2019.pdf17 July 20202.24MB
08 August 2019.pdf17 July 20203.12MB
09 September 2019.pdf17 July 20202.99MB
10 October 2019.pdf17 July 20202.35MB
11 November 2019.pdf17 July 20203MB
12 December 2019.pdf17 July 20203.05MB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
01 January 2018.pdf20 July 20203.25MB
02 February 2018.pdf17 July 20203.96MB
03 March 2018.pdf17 July 20203.85MB
04 April 2018.pdf17 July 20204.16MB
05 May 2018.pdf17 July 20203.94MB
06 June 2018.pdf17 July 20205.26MB
07 July 2018.pdf17 July 20205.06MB
08 August 2018.pdf17 July 20204.59MB
09 September 2018.pdf17 July 20203.67MB
10 October 2018.pdf17 July 20204.05MB
11 November 2018.pdf17 July 20202.38MB
12 December 2018.pdf17 July 20202.11MB