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Stamfordham Parish Council


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Accounting Statement 2017 18.pdf18 September 2020115kB
Accounting Statement.pdf18 September 202099kB
AGAR 2020 Local Authority Accounts.pdf18 September 202079kB
Annual Accounting Statement 2018.pdf18 September 20201kB
Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2020.pdf18 September 20201800kB
Annual Governance Statement 2018.pdf18 September 20201kB
Asset register 2019.pdf18 September 202096kB
Audit 2018 2019.pdf18 September 2020347kB
AUDIT STATEMENT.pdf18 September 2020188kB
Dates of public rights 2019.pdf18 September 2020111kB
Elector's inspection.pdf18 September 202090kB
External Auditoe Report 2018.pdf18 September 20201kB
Governance Statement 2018.pdf18 September 202084kB
Governance statement.pdf18 September 2020111kB
Internal Audit Report 2018.pdf18 September 202094kB
Internal audit report.pdf18 September 2020121kB
Internal auditor comment 2018.pdf18 September 202043kB
Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2018.pdf18 September 20201kB
Notice of public rights 2018.pdf18 September 2020109kB
Notice of Public Rights 2020.pdf18 September 202086kB
Receipts and payments Page 1 2018.pdf18 September 202041kB
Receipts and payments Page 2 2018.pdf18 September 202042kB
Stamf finance 2017 2018.pdf18 September 2020360kB
Stamf finance 2018 2019.pdf18 September 2020121kB
Stamf finance 2019 2020.pdf18 September 2020124kB
Stamf PC finance 2016 2017.pdf18 September 2020750kB
Stamfordham Asset register 2018.pdf18 September 202096kB
Statement of Accounts 2018.pdf18 September 202067kB
Variances Year Ending 2018.pdf18 September 202057kB